Diabetes – How is Your Hearing?

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Hello there, Thanks for joining in. So let me ask right out of the gate, how is your hearing?

Hearing Test

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Being a diabetic if you’ve great hearing, then fantastic! But if you find yourself feeling as though your hearing capabilities have decreased, then let’s find out why. But first some may ask, how can I assess to know if my hearing has decreased or not? Well here are a few questions:

  • Do you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves frequently or more than you would like to?
  • Do you have trouble keeping track of a conversation involving more than two people in it?
  • Do you turn the volume on the TV, computer, radio, and etc. way too high for others who are nearby?
  • Have any difficulties hearing in noisy places like a busy restaurant?
  • Have difficulties understanding someone when they speak in a soft whisper?

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Don’t Let Type-2 Beat You!  Fight Back!

It’s no secret now that type-2 diabetes is on the rise all around the world. As you may already be aware, people with type-1 diabetes, are not able to effectively produce insulin. With type-2 you can produce insulin but you won’t be able to absorb it, as well, putting you at a disadvantage.

But like with any disease, you can’t let it beat you!

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But instead FIGHT BACK!

fight diabetes demonWhy would you want to fight back when you know diabetes is incurable right now? Even with our limited knowledge on diabetes there are still ways known to help you try your best to live a “normal” and a comfortable life. Below is one big reason I talk about why you should not give up.

The one big reason you shouldn’t give up on your way of life but instead look to change it a little to better accommodate your current situation is: Life stability. Having stability in one’s life is extremely important. A stable life helps give a peace of mind and lets you know that you’re in control of the path you’re heading down in. This is a big enough reason to fight back on anything that may threaten the stability of your life as any disease is like a tornado come hitting your home with a fierce force throwing things out of balance.

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4 Steps to Managing Healthy Feet if You are Diabetic



Hi This is Jane Brown.Welcome Back and thanks for joining me again for another issue on Diabetes and complications of this disease. There are many different types of complications that may occur when you are diagnosed but prevention and realizing when there is problems with your OWN body is where we should start. Knowledge and a few simple tips on prevention may help you to have healthier feet and a happier life.

Studies have shown that has many as one in four people with Diabetes do develop some form of foot health complications. The problem is that if you do not take care of your feet simple blisters, cuts or calluses can turn into a mountain of further foot problems for you, especially if your blood sugar levels have gone untreated for a long period of time. You may then have nerve damage which is called neuropathy.

4 Steps to Managing Your Healthy Feet are:


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6 Steps to Managing Healthy Eyes as a Diabetic


Hello, this is Jane Brown and thanks for joining me with this next article that I have written on “Steps to Managing Healthy Eyes as a Diabetic”. Frankly, whether you are a Diabetic or not, I believe having healthy eyes is very important and prevention is the key. I have been asked several times by people who have Diabetes or who are pre-Diabetic if there are prevention tips that I can provide and I wanted to share this information with you.

If you are a Diabetic, then your concern should be much greater. Vision problems can attack your body even quicker if you are a Diabetic. The problem is that the retina, surrounded by a lot of smaller nerves with the optic nerve in the middle, is located at the back of the eye. These nerves are feed by a large mass of blood vessels. If the blood vessels are damaged by rising blood sugar levels, the eye tries to help by randomly producing more blood vessels which is not good for your vision. Your vision may become blurred or worse.

These eye problems are not always apparent at first and can be aggravated with Diabetes complications. If you do not seek medical attention this vision problem can escalate and become much worse very fast.

Six steps to Healthy Eyesight:

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Dinner Suggestions for a Healthy Diabetic


Hello, this Jane Brown. Thanks for taking the time to read the series of other articles that I have shared with you on meal planning. Many people with Diabetes or who have pre-diabetes are challenged in deciding how to put together a meal plan and one of the challenges is deciding what and how to make a healthy dinner. I want to share a few ideas with you.

To keep you on track with meal planning – try these few suggestions:

- Create a WEEKLY planner:  This will be helpful in the grocery store and you will not buy junk foods


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