4 Tips on Reclaiming and Controlling Your Overactive Bladder


This is Jane Brown. Thanks so much for joining me again to talk about a topic that most women and men do not want to talk about and this is an uncontrollable bladder. It is surprising to learn that you are not alone. Researchers say that about one in three women have this problem and never share their story.  And the worst part is they are too embarrassed to talk about it openly.  I am glad that I have some great friends who have shared their stories with me and now I can pass along some information to you, so that we can deal with the embarrassment and uncomfortable feelings.



“The International Continence Society defines urinary incontinence as a “condition where involuntary loss of urine is a social or hygienic problem and is objectively demonstrable.”

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8 Signs of Possible Diabetes Problems and How to Prevent these Problems


Hello, This is Jane Brown. I wanted to share with you some information on a topic that I have been asked about several times. It seems that no one is paying enough attention to their own health and the signs of what is happening to your own body.  Think of it this way – You live with your body every day – You are the one who knows if there is something wrong – So watch for the signs and take action!

“The World Health Organization predicts that diabetes will be one of the worst killers in the world by the year 2025, affecting some 300 million people worldwide.”

This is a scary fact and we need to take action now to lead healthier lifestyles. First of all, it does not help that we have a growing population of young children and adults alike who are obese. Obesity can lead to a number of health concerns and being a diabetic is one of them.  Especially since this health problem can be largely prevented and controlled with proper diet and exercise or at least properly managed for the most part.


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5 Natural Do’s and Do NOT’s for Controlling Menopause


Hello this is Jane Brown. I have been asked many times if there is a “simple” answer to what “can I expect to happen during menopause” and if there is a way to “control what is happening”. The answer is “Yes”. The range of severity of menopause affects each of us differently. It is interesting to note that Asian women do not have the same symptoms as Western women as it is due to our daily diet. Asian women tend to eat a larger amount of plant estrogen – known as phytoestrogens – which seems to cut down or eliminate most annoying affects of menopause such as “hot flashes”. meltThe phytoestrogens, or hormone regulators, play an important role in balancing the estrogen levels in the body. When the estrogen levels increase the phytoestrogen does a balancing act and helps to reduce the affects of the hormones in your body. And at the same time, as estrogen levels decrease in the body the phytoestrogen can give your levels a natural boost.

A diet rich in phytoestrogens, as research has shown, along with supplements and a proper balanced diet, and of course exercise, can relieve the symptoms of menopause, improve your memory skills and give some aid in the prevention of heart disease.


4 Possible Causes of Poor Liver Function and Solutions for Relief

Human digestive system

Hello this is Jane Brown.  Thanks to all for contacting me and asking some very important questions. I will attempt to write blogs for you on different topics that you have asked about. This article is about your poor liver function and some solutions for relief.

The liver has so many functions that most of us think that it’s only job is to “cleanse” or “purify”. However, a proper functioning liver has many other functions, such as, about one quarter of your blood volume passes through your liver every minute. Also, the liver is involved in the formation of bile. This critical organ is the first to process drugs, nutrients and toxins which are absorbed from the stomach and intestine. Therefore, if the liver is not working properly these nutrients, drugs and toxins are not metabolized.


4 Possible Causes of Poor Liver Function:

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10 Quick Tips on Losing Weight and Keeping it Off


Hello, this is Jane Brown back with you to share some more exciting tips on shedding those unwanted pounds and keeping it off.

Have you been thinking about the extra pounds that you have been carrying around and just need to get rid of?  If you take note of what you are eating and cut back, it is not that difficult.

I have listed below a few simple tricks to help you achieve your goals:

10 Quick Tips – JUST FOR YOU!

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