6 Risk Factors for Blood Sugar Disease.  Prevention is the Key!


Hello, this is Jane Brown.  I know many of you have asked about your diabetes or having a blood sugar condition.  This is very natural to ask questions like the following:

How could this happen to you?

Why is this happening to you at this point in my life?

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4 Tips on What to Do if You Can’t Sleep


Hi This is Jane Brown and I want to talk about Sleep, Sleep and Sleep!

Yes, so many of our followers have come to us asking what they can do because they are frustrated and full of anxiety.  They can’t sleep. They can’t function during the day.  More importantly, they can not get a restful sleep and relax all night.

In these stressful times, many people are facing the problem of an increased work load which creates anxiety. This anxiety and stress does not help to let your mind rest for an entire night’s sleep.  Also, other factors could include too much caffeine or alcohol, along with other diet and lifestyle choices, all play a huge part in not being able to totally relax and have a restful sleep.

To achieve a normal night’s sleep many people turn to medications, however, this will leave you tired and fatigued the next day.  Fortunately, there are many natural herbs that you can take to gain the rest you need to function the next day.

Podcast:  How can Omega 3 Supplements Be Beneficial for You?


“Pretty much everybody’s diet is deficient in Omega-3s,” says David C. Leopold, MD, Director of Integrative Medical Education at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego. “I think that’s why adding them back in seems to have so many health benefits. We’re just balancing out what’s normally” there.

Studies have found that Omega 3′s are known as a “complementary” treatment because they work so well with traditional medicines to enhance your health. Eating a normal balance diet and getting exercise every day is an important routine to maintain for a healthy lifestyle.  However, when you add additional natural supplements to our daily routine we will see the benefits later in life.

Take a look at this podcast as it may give you some tips on how you can add Omega 3 supplements to your every day routine of keeping healthy.

Omega 3 supplements – is it a Smart Supplement?

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Podcast:  Do you Think you May have a Bladder Problem!


“Urogynecologist Dr. Gunhilde Buchsbaum says it’s never too late—and rarely too soon—to take steps to protect your bladder health. Women of all ages should know that incontinence is not normal. Bladder problems can get worse if not treated.”

Do not think that you are alone with bladder problems!  You need to seek medical attention if you feel that you are having problems.  Be prepared with questions that you need to ask such as reducing urgency or traveling without worrying about having a bladder accident.

We would like to share some steps with you that you can take to prevent having bladder problems in the future. We want to make sure that you can describe your goals to your doctor effectively and use milestones to communicate your problems.  This will help in your treatment process.

Take a look at this Podcast:
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3 Conditions of High Blood Sugar Levels and What You Can Do About it?


 High Blood Glucose Levels?

High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Cholesterol?

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