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Using Pumpkin Seeds for Bladder Health?

Trying to have a good time but your overactive bladder has other plans? Searching for the closest bathroom shouldn’t be one of your top activities when travelling or just taking a walk through town. An overactive bladder makes people forget about enjoyable activities and makes them isolated. If you find yourself in any of the above…

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4 Tips on Reclaiming and Controlling Your Overactive Bladder

This is Jane Brown. Thanks so much for joining me again to talk about a topic that most women and men do not want to talk about and this is an uncontrollable bladder. It is surprising to learn that you are not alone. Researchers say that about one in three women have this problem and…

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Do you Think you May have a Bladder Problem?

“Urogynecologist Dr. Gunhilde Buchsbaum says it’s never too late—and rarely too soon—to take steps to protect your bladder health. Women of all ages should know that incontinence is not normal. Bladder problems can get worse if not treated.” Do not think that you are alone with bladder problems!  You need to seek medical attention if…

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3 Key Signs of Bladder Control Problems and Tips for Prevention

I wanted to share with you a few tips on the subject of bladder control problems. I think this is an issue that most people do not want to talk about. It is very embarrassing and not a topic that we want to discuss openly with others. 3 Key Signs of Bladder Control Problems: Experiencing…

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Kidneys Challenges In Cold Weather

Depending on where you live, you may encounter more problems than others when the seasons change. For some of us, Autumn is colder so we have to take extra steps to stay healthy in these circumstances. It’s a fact that cold weather affects our health more than we would want it to and we have…

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4 Proven Ways To Manage Your Need To Pee in Cold Weather

Do we feel a bigger need to pee in cold weather? The short answer is yes, the long one states that understanding our need to pee in this period is a bit more complicated. But fear not, we’re going to help you understand the problem and hopefully fix it with these 4 proven ways to…

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Why Detox?

Do you know you are exposed to more than 80,000 man-made toxins, chemicals and noxious substances everywhere you turn? No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid toxic exposure. Toxins are so much more pervasive than you think. The fact is that the inside of your house is more toxic than outside. Almost all…

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5 Tips to Prevent Prostate Problems!

Thank you for joining us to talk about the Prostate and some of the ways that you can prevent prostate problems.  But before we look at this problem, we want to talk about the Prostate and what it is. What is the Prostate: The Prostate is located in the lower abdomen beneath the bladder and…

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