Weekend Health Challenge – Episode 3: Sunset Seekers

Health Challenge is where we will create little activity meant to inspire us to be more active and live a healthy lifestyle. Do you accept the challenge? This week we challenge you to find somewhere in your city where you can capture the beauty of the sun! Whether it’s rising or setting, the sun can…

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Frozen Yogurt Berry Sticks

Missy’s Kitchen: Quick n’ Healthy Frozen Yogurt Berry Sticks

Here at Activa Naturals we like to keep things simple and natural, just like this super fast and delicious frozen yogurt berry stick recipe! Today I’ll be sharing with you how I make my Quick n’ Healthy Frozen Yogurt Berry Sticks! Super simple, super fast and so healthy! Let’s begin! All you will need for…

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Missy's Kitchen

Missy’s Kitchen: Quick N’ Healthy Blender Muffins

Hi Everyone! My name is Missy, and this is my kitchen! Here at Activa Naturals we like to keep things simple and natural, just like this super fast, and delicious banana blender muffin recipe! Every week on Missy’s Kitchen I will be sharing fantastic recipe ideas for people who love tasty treats but hate the…

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How To Enjoy Christmas And Curb Your Cravings

Almost everybody loves Christmas, right? Even the Grinch came around and managed to enjoy the holiday with his newly found friends, so why shouldn’t you do the same? When talking about Christmas, we’re thinking about the beautiful lights people use to decorate their house, the gifts, foods and the cookies. Oh, the delicious cookies! The…

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worst weight loss tips

Worst Weight Loss Tips You Really Need To Avoid

There are a lot of weight loss tips online but not all of them are good for you. Some websites pick up recommendations without checking with a nutritionist or without doing some research on their own. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re discussing the worst weight loss tips you should really avoid. These…

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winter blood sugar level

How To Manage Blood Sugar in Winter

Are you a person who struggles to keep his blood sugar level in check all year long? Well, you should prepare yourself for a hard period since Winter is just around the corner and you’ll need to take better care of yourself. Seeing how we also had 2 big holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) that encourage…

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Winter Superfoods: Proven Coconut Oil Health Benefits

When talking about superfoods we have solid guidelines and we don’t add any foods to this list unless they provide health benefits for the whole body or at least much more than regular foods. The reason why we can talk about proven coconut oil health benefits is that coconut is packed with an unique combination  of…

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winter beauty tips

6 Winter Beauty Tips You Can Really Count On

There are tons of reasons why we should love Winter. Some people love a bit of snow, everyone likes that holidays season and who doesn’t want to get presents, right? Unfortunately, as we pointed out on this website, Winter also has some bad aspects we should be aware off. Some of them can pose serious…

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