Natural Tips To Manage Cholesterol during the Winter

There is a big list of winter things that can pose health risks. You have the flu, colds, sore throats, viruses, microbes and recently studies have shown that the cholesterol levels spike during the cold weather. There are several reasons why this happens but we’re going to help you with some tips to avoid the…

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winter weight gain

How To Win The Fight Against Winter Weight Gain

Winter is just around the corner – does that mean we’re going to fight the Winter weight gain? That’s a possibility for sure but there are some tips and tricks you can apply so you’ll win the fight and enable yourself to lose weight or stay fit during the colder months. Before you get your…

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post-thanksgiving detox

Easy Post-Thanksgiving Detox With Maximum Benefits

Is Thanksgiving over? Good, now we can get back on track to staying healthy. Some times we agree with having big dinners on holidays since they can be treated as cheat meals. Just don’t make a habit out of overeating and you’ll get the best result if you’re trying to lose weight or just stay…

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boost your immune system

Winter Is Coming! How To Boost Your Immune System

Almost every year, some people treat winter just like any other season. Are they wrong to do so? Indeed they are! Winter is a more stressful season than the others. It’s the time when we stay more indoors and when we go out, we may catch a cold or worse. If there’s one thing about…

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work out this winter

Where Should You Work Out This Winter

Depending on where you live, the weather may still allow you to exercise outdoors. For some of us, working out in our back yard is still possible for a few more weeks, just before Winter settles in and we’re covered in snow. Should we still give outdoor exercising a shot or should we go to…

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How To Fight The Cold Weather Menopause Symptoms

Some people think menopause is just a phase in a woman’s life. Research, testimonials and other resources have proven that this isn’t the case and menopause can affect a women’s life more than some people may think. It isn’t uncommon for some women to have cold weather menopause symptoms so this has to be treated…

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healthy thanksgiving

Five-Star Guide For A Healthy Thanksgiving

Weight gain during the holidays is a real problem. On these days, people disregard most of their healthy habits and focus more on family, friends, presents and food. Although we’re not saying that spending time with family and friends or eating are bad things, there are better ways to do this. You can do all…

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fight vitamin d deficiency

Natural Sources To Fight Vitamin D Deficiency

Days are getting shorter and we tend to adjust our schedule. We spend less time outside due to cold weather and lack of light but we don’t ask ourselves how will this affect our health. The truth is that due to lack of sunlight, our body doesn’t get that great Vitamin D directly. All these…

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