I wanted to share with you a few tips on the subject of bladder control problems.

I think this is an issue that most people do not want to talk about. It is very embarrassing and not a topic that we want to discuss openly with others.

3 Key Signs of Bladder Control Problems:

  1. Experiencing a sudden leakage during the day that comes on instantly
  2. You feel the urgent need to go to the bathroom but don’t make it in time
  3. You go to the bathroom several times in the night and you don’t have a bladder infection

Yes.  This is a topic that can be embarrassing but if it happens to you it will change your lifestyle dramatically. Therefore it is important to take some steps now to prevent having bladder control problems in the future.

Bladder control problems is not just limited to women, men, teenagers or children.  It can affect you at any age, so you need to think about the challenges that may come your way if it happens to you.

There is no one treatment that will work for everyone. If you are able to gain control of bladder problems early and start to look at prevention, you may be able to lead a healthier life in the future.

All of these symptoms may be the first signs of having a bladder control problem and it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  There are natural supplements that may help you but your doctor will be the first step in the process in discovering exactly what your body needs to repair itself.

3 Bladder control or incontinence problems:

  1. Stress  – Known as one of the most common. It is when a person coughs or sneezes with a lot of pressure. This kind of leakage results from the stomach or pelvic muscles being very weak.
  2. Urge  – This condition results from the stomach or pelvic muscles contracting at the wrong time which also causes leakage
  3. Overflow – It is the condition that results from constant dribbling which could be related to frequent urinating

To aid in the prevention of bladder control problems you may want to:

  • Avoid Sugar – attacks the immune system and encourages the growth of bad bacteria
  • Avoid Salty and Spicy – eating proper amounts of fruits, vegetables and proteins will keep your system balanced
  • Avoid Processed and Refined products – there is hidden preservatives and additives which can harm the ideal balance of your system
  • Avoid Caffeine – try to drink plenty of water or green tea as this will help you to break down the toxins that accumulate in your body
  • Avoid Soda (Sugary or Diet) – these sugar products aid in the growth of bacteria that is not helpful in digesting foods

Most importantly . . . REDUCE stress and get plenty of rest.

The best advice we can give you is to include daily exercise into your lifestyle as it is key to prevention of bladder control problems.  You may want to target and strengthen your stomach and pelvic muscles.  If you are able to take a few preventive measures to strengthen your pelvic muscles by including regular exercise into your daily routine, you will be on track to taking control of building a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and if you missed any of the other helpful tips that we have provided at this website.

Take care and have a healthy day!

Jane Brown

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