Trying to have a good time but your overactive bladder has other plans? Searching for the closest bathroom shouldn’t be one of your top activities when travelling or just taking a walk through town. An overactive bladder makes people forget about enjoyable activities and makes them isolated. If you find yourself in any of the above situations, it’s probably necessary to learn how to keep your bladder under control.

Depending on your available time, keeping your bladder under control, the right way can be done in two ways.

Train your bladder

If you have a lot of time to practice, this can be the right way to take control of your bladder. There are specific exercises you need to master in order to make your bladder listen to your needs and not vice versa. These methods take time so make sure you understand that before dismissing them.

  • Kegels. Working on your pelvic muscles with the help of Kegels can prevent urine leakage (works on both women and men). To start, tightly squeeze the muscles you use to control urine flow for about 3 seconds then relax them for 3 seconds. Try to to 3 sets of 10 Kegel exercises each day.
  • Time voiding – another exercise that takes time to learn but will help you. This simple exercise consists of urinating by the clock, at specific times and not when your bladder sends you signals. Try to use a restroom even if your bladder doesn’t feel full.

Use Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds may help with bladder health when combined with daily exercises and good foods.

Why Are Pumpkin Seeds Designed to Help Your Bladder Health?

Pumpkin seeds is a good source of magnesium which has a crucial role in several body activities such as creation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy molecules, proper bone and tooth formation and proper bowel function.

Pumpkin seeds have been used in our history to help with men’s health as it is a good source for zinc which is extremely important for prostate health.

Last but not the least don’t forget to adopt a healthy lifestyle routine…

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle Routine.

The best strategy for our life is to adopt a healthy lifestyle routine.

This means take healthy foods, stay hydrated, follow a daily exercise plan and take necessary vitamins in consultation with the health practitioner.

Our philosophy is that prevention is the best approach for a healthy, positive and enriching life.

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