Harvard research shows that more than 15% deaths in the US are related to high blood pressure. Although it influences so many lives, high blood pressure doesn’t cause symptoms which makes it harder to spot by regular people.

Before going on further with this topic, please note you should always see a specialist if you believe you could suffer from high blood pressure.

Tips to Manage your blood pressure

Managing your blood pressure can be done with the help of a specialist. A doctor can recommend medication that will work just fine but some of it can have side effects such as leg cramps, dizziness or insomnia.

If you suffer from medication side effects, give the following a try and manage blood pressure the natural way.

Watch your weight.

Mayo Clinic suggests that losing weight and exercising regularly prevents high blood pressure by keeping your heart, veins and arteries in good shape. At the same time, losing weight can enhance your medication for managing blood pressure.

Turn it down a notch at work

Studies show that high blood pressure risk grows by 15% if you work more than 41 hours per week. The more you work, the less time you’ll have to exercise and eat healthy and you’ll add more work stress to your life. Remind yourself to turn off the computer and go home.

Pay attention on how much salt you eat.

Some categories of people have high blood pressure that’s sodium sensitive. You can’t really test this out so you should try and lower your salt intake. This doesn’t just mean to eat less salty but to watch your diet because much of our sodium intake comes from processed foods.

Small changes in your diet to manage blood pressure you can apply with ease

The following changes you can apply to your diet by adding or removing some type of foods. Just as we mentioned that salt may impact some people’s blood pressure, some substances help them to lower it.

dark chocolate blood pressure

1) Eat more dark chocolate

Flavonoids found in cocoa have the role of making blood vessels more elastic. Dark chocolate tends to have more flavonoids and it’s recommended for people with high blood pressure. One research shown that 18% of patients who ate dark chocolate (70% cocoa) reported a blood pressure decrease. Just don’t over eat, half an ounce daily is enough.

2) Drink less alcohol but don’t cut it out entirely

Studies shown what we already know – if you drink less, you will feel better. This is also the case for blood pressure, drinking less alcohol will keep your blood pressure in check… to a certain point. One study pointed out that light drinking lowers blood pressure more than no drinking at all. The study was performed at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

3) Choose decaf coffee or switch to tea

If you know you have a high blood pressure, changing from regular to decaf coffee should be good for you. 500 mg of caffeine increase your blood pressure by 4 mmhg and that effect lasts until bedtime. 8 ounces of coffee contain up to 125 mg of caffeine but the same amount of team has only 50 mg. In one study, participants who drank hibiscus tea daily lowered their systolic blood pressure by 7 points in 6 weeks.

4) Eat more garlic

Garlic was never intended to be used in cooking but for its medicinal purposes. Many civilizations used garlic and its active ingredient – allcin to stay healthy. The sulphur compound is formed when garlic is crushed, chopped or even chewed and it lowers high blood pressure to such an extent that one study shown it being as effective as prescribed medication after 24 weeks. Another great aspect of eating garlic is that it tastes great but it also lowers cholesterol.

5) Add more nuts to your diet

Tree nuts and not peanuts are a nice addition to your diet if you want to fight hypertension. Almonds and cashews for example have high magnesium content making them great for lowering blood pressure since magnesium is used in over 300 bodily process. Studies have shown that diabetics who suffer from high blood pressure should add some vitamin C and E to their diet on top of the magnesium supplementation to further decrease blood pressure.

6) Spice your food with turmeric

Although it’s being used in Indian cuisine and medicine for ages, it wasn’t until recently that scientists started researching the medicinal properties of turmeric. Adding curcumin (which is the active substance in turmeric) to your diet may help improve blood flow like you were exercising three times per week.

7) Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle Routine.

The best strategy for our life is to adopt a healthy lifestyle routine.

This means take healthy foods, stay hydrated, follow a daily exercise plan and take necessary vitamins in consultation with the health practitioner.

Our philosophy is that prevention is the best approach for a healthy, positive and enriching life.

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