Chaga Mushroom (Inontus Obliquus) is known for its immune health boosting properties.[5] This mushroom is found in the Northern Hemisphere typically on mature birch trees. At first glance you may not recognize it as a mushroom species although holds the most powerful adaptogens and superfoods on Earth. Comprised of gracious amounts of polysaccharides, which are a long link of carbohydrates. These polysaccharides are a significant dietary element for our nutrition.[3]

There is an extensive list of health benefits of chaga mushrooms this can be recognized to its immune boosting elements and amounts of antioxidants. Let’s cover the top 6 benefits of chaga mushrooms.

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Even though we don’t make any claims a recent studies suggest a connection between healthy blood sugar level with regular intake of chaga mushrooms.[5] At Activa Naturals, we have a policy of no claim, hence we can only provide you a reference but no confirmation from our side.

For Your Brain Health

Research shows that chaga has a beneficial effect on cognitive functions such as learning and memory. Studies have also shown that chaga has helped lower oxidative stress in the brain.[2]

Please feel free to educate yourself more about this study as some suggest this may be a breakthrough in future. Until this is properly established, we are just providing you the educational reference.

For Cardiovascular Health

Some experts suggest that chaga mushrooms are good for the heart health due to an intricate array of elements and complexes such as trametenolc, ergosterol, lupeol, betulinic acid and many others.[3]

Skin health

Chaga contains the super healthy antioxidant melanin, this is what gives chaga dark unique characteristic. Melanin is a class of compounds that attributes for the magnificent spectrum of different colors and pigments of our skin, hair and eyes. The high source of melanin in chaga provides DNA and gene protection aiding to nourish, hydrate and restore the skin tissue.[4]

Cancer Killer – Is it a Myth or a Reality?

As you are aware of that we don’t use any educational information authoritatively unless it is approved by the FDA, we have no means to conclusively confirm anything on this.

However we can share that some studies suggest chaga may help significantly to help reduce tumor size. Some even suggest that with regular intake, chaga may assist in boosting immune activity, slowing down cancer cell progression as it may prevent the breakdown of cell walls.[6]

Due to our policy we don’t make any claims on this and suggest readers to do their own research and educate themselves prior using Chaga mushroom in any form.



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