As a Diabetic, your best defense is to stay on top of all health related complications. It is even better if you can begin your prevention path before you are diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Being aware of your body and looking for signs should be a daily routine for you to incorporate in your life.  The same of exercise and meal planning, recognizing pain and visually looking for signs of progressing health issues is important.

The most common complication of Diabetes is nerve damage which mostly occurs in the pre-diabetic stage. This nerve damage or neuropathy will affect each person differently and at different times. The reason that the condition develops is because too much sugar in your system damages the blood vessels that are trying to nourish the nerves. These nerves begin to die and you feel pain.  This pain may be minimal at first but as this condition progresses, you may become numb to pain. If you are numb to cuts and bruises and then infection starts, this can affect your balance and mobility.

Some of the signs that you should be aware of are:

– burning of the feet, like an electrical shock, even a sheet may be painful

– pain at night or when sitting for long periods of time

– symptoms of acid reflux, loss of appetite, or even vomiting or frequent nausea

– symptoms of constipation or diarrhea

– dizziness, fainting or light-headed feelings

A few prevention tips to manage your nerve damage may be:

– Eat a diet rich in minerals and vitamins

– Try to lose weight – start slow – be consistent and reach a healthy weight for your frame

– Get control of your blood sugar levels and keep them from spiking

– Try to eat many small meals in a day and after each meal enjoy a walk to help the stomach to empty the contents

– Always, Always consult with your Doctor, health care professional and find a foot Doctor to help you with your foot care

If you feel that you are a good candidate for neuropathy or nerve damage from being a Diabetic, a good tip to remember is to check your feet daily. Of course, you may be experiencing a lot of pain in your feet but if you see any redness, swelling, calluses or skin infection, see a health care professional immediately. This could mean that you may have an infection that could spread to the bone. Taking control of your health is critical.

Take care and stay healthy.

Jane Brown

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