Hello, this Jane Brown. Thanks for taking the time to read the series of other articles that I have shared with you on meal planning. Many people with Diabetes or who have pre-diabetes are challenged in deciding how to put together a meal plan and one of the challenges is deciding what and how to make a healthy dinner. I want to share a few ideas with you.

To keep you on track with meal planning – try these few dinner suggestions for a healthy diabetic:

– Create a WEEKLY planner:  This will be helpful in the grocery store and you will not buy junk foods

– Choose the RIGHT foods:  Read labels

– Be CREATIVE:  Mix up your meal planning with lots of variety. Try new fruits and vegetables and especially new recipes

– Do NOT go to the grocery store if you are hungry or tired

A Typical Weekly Meal Plan for Dinner May Look Like this:

Monday – Fish with Broccoli and a Salad

Tuesday – Chicken with Rice and a Salad

Wednesday – Bean Bake with Coucous and a steamed vegetable

Thursday – Fish with asparagus and a Salad

Friday – Beef with potato and a salad

Saturday – Chicken with vegetables

Sunday – Stir fry with Chicken or Seafood

Of course, any of these suggestions should be incorporated with the rest of the foods that you eat during the day. Remember, eat the foods that you enjoy and stay healthy!

Take Care

Jane Brown

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