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Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms for Better Health and Overall Wellness

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There are estimated to be over 4 to 5 million different species of mushrooms, yet we know only 270 classified as ‘medicinal’ with their potent anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and immune-enhancing qualities.


Mushrooms have been used for over 3,000 years by traditional healers and folk medicine hunters. Medicinal mushrooms contain some of the most rejuvenating and nourishing health compounds of any substance on earth. While Cordyceps is known for the performance enhancing goodness, reishi mushroom is known for the spiritually potent properties, each medicinal mushroom brings with it a myriad of benefits for the body and mind.

Mushrooms have been a source of nutrition through the ancient time and they have been associated to help support immune system health and its function. Since most mushrooms are historically known for their restorative properties, it is not surprising that recent studies have often associated them with the immune system.

Research on medicinal mushrooms has attracted much attention lately, spurring an ever growing mushroom niche in the nutraceutical industry. In general, mushrooms are well accepted as dietary supplements, especially as immune boosters. Medicinal mushrooms have been known in many traditions and cultures around the world for their immune strengthening and restorative effects on the entire body.

They have a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine and some of the very first Western medical antibiotics were extracted from these mushroom varieties. They help to build a natural resistance to disease, containing the polysaccharides called Beta-glucans, known as “biological response modifiers.” Every medicinal mushroom has different levels and combinations of polysaccharides that boost the activities of immune system in different ways.

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