When you made the decision to up your game at the gym, creatine was one of the things you thought of. Read here 4 supplement facts about creatine you should know if you really want a supplement to build strength and lean muscle mass.

Creatine helps you get to the next level.

Ever get the feeling that you’ve achieved all you can achieve at the gym? Creatine can help you break that “peak feeling” you get. A study performed in California (1) showed creatine enhances high-intensity, short-duration exercise but you have to get the “good stuff” and pay attention to the usage balancing it to your every day routine.

Creatine allows you to go further with your workout so you’ll increase your workout intensity, achieving a higher level of muscle mass. This supplement will surely help you with your shorter, intense strength-building exercises in your workout.

It keeps you healthy

Creatine will do wonders for your workout but will also improve brain function. While treating several neurodegenerative disorders, two Swiss researchers have found that creatine plays an important role in protecting your neurons and their pathways.

Even more, the two scientists showed how this supplement improves your brains’ functions, especially short term memory and fast problem solving.

Another pair of brilliant scientists from the Switzerland Institute of Cell Biology proved creatine has beneficial role in treating bone fractures or as adjuvant therapy for those suffering of osteoporosis (2).

It seems that creatine enhances your workouts while improving your health. Who doesn’t want a healthy body and lifestyle? We know we do.

Creatine makes you look better

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional athlete or you just want to look good. Creatine can help you get a better looking body by enhancing your muscle volume. When taking creatine, your muscle cells tend to inflate producing a better, heavy appearance. In the same time, the supplement helps your muscles perform protein synthesis.

In the same time, the supplement helps you look better as you age. If you didn’t know, you tend to lose muscle mass when you age. This happens because the production of muscle building hormones (growth hormone, insulin, testosterone) slows down. Belgium researchers showed in their studies the positive effects of creatine on fast twitch fibers, probably reducing sarcopaenia(3).

It enhances your productivity

Believe it or not, creatine helps you to get more work done. British researchers (4) have shown that a well-balanced diet with creatine supplementation should help you get significantly more chores, or any type of work done than those who don’t use creatine.

The study was performed on active individuals who wanted a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional athlete or just want a healthier body, creatine will help you on the long run. Researchers used a supplement of 20 grams of creatine for five days but you should choose whatever works for you.

You should always try to have a better and healthier lifestyle while taking good care of your body and mind. Creatine may help you be a better version of yourself (even if you’re not a professional athlete) without health risks, as long you keep it simple, do your research and listen to the specialists’ advice when provided. As with all supplements, they are safe for the vast majority of users  and have pros and cons so choose something that works for you.



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