Savory Mushroom Tacos

Sometimes we feel lazy to make anything for lunch or dinner. One day I was not in a mood to cook anything but feeling hungry at the same time. I

Yummy Mushroom Tortilla Wrap

Sometimes we want to make wraps but get confused what to fill in the wraps? Well, I made this wrap and tried to fill it with lots of veggies and

Mushroom Frittata, Excited?

Mushroom frittata, the name itself is mouthwatering. If you love mushrooms, you are going to love this frittata. Mushrooms are very healthy option. It gives you lots of protein and nutrients.

Mushroom Fritters

Now a days mushrooms are very popular because of it's qualities, nutrients, protein and medicinal values. Different types of edible mushrooms are used today in different cuisines. You can do

Delicious Mushroom Dip

Have you ever tried Mushroom Dip? Dips really taste good especially when they are made with fresh ingredients. Mushrooms have so many qualities like they are rich in nutrients, protein and

Mushroom Coffee, Excited?

Most of the people are fond of coffee. If you are looking for healthy choices in coffee then mushroom coffee is the best. It is gaining popularity. If you drink

Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea

I am sure you have tried so many teas like green, black, herbal etc. Have you ever tried mushroom tea? If not yet, try Turkey Tail Mushroom tea. It is

Absolutely Fresh Mushroom Rice

I am very much used to eating rice almost every day. Not only eating but I am very much fond of cooking and experimenting rice with lot of different things.

Sauteed Mushrooms

Sometimes we all get bored to use lot of utensils to make just one dish. You don't want to use more than one pan, right? I have one pan meal

Mushroom Soup without Cream

What is the best, easy and healthy option for lunch or dinner in winters? Yes, you are right, SOUPS, specially when they are homemade without cream. Seems healthy? OK then why

Super Duper Easy Mushroom Salad

When you don't feel like cooking then you may feel frustrated or confused just thinking a lot for what to cook? Hey, I have a very simple solution for you. MUSHROOM