Some of you may not agree with us on the above statement that education is the first step towards successful weight loss. We are referring to knowing about your body and how your body hormones work which means you are now empowered to decide what to eat and what not to eat.

So let us look at all the body hormones and learn about it in terms of what it does for our body!

Which hormones you produce, and in what quantities, depends on your eating habits, your activity level, your ability to handle stress, the amount of light to which you’re exposed, the temperature of the air and your body, your fluid balance, your sleep pattern, and  your capacity for energy renewal.

Hormones relay information about your body and its needs to the brain and to millions of receptor sites around the body. Those sites in turn send out messages that cause your body to either burn or store fat. In other words, hormones have the power to make your body’s fat stores available as fuel – or to prevent that from happening, instead stimulating more fat storage.

The good news is, you have control over your hormones, perhaps more than you think!

Insulin: The Carb – Control Hormone

One of the most important hormones directly affecting fat-burning or fat-storage is insulin. It is secreted by our pancreas in response to elevated blood sugar levels, most often after a meal or snack. This hormone deposits blood sugar and proteins into muscle tissues so you can move and function well.

The main challenge posed by insulin is its super sensitivity to carbohydrates. It is essentially sensitive to so-called high-glycemic carbs such as refined sugar, flour, potatoes etc. When you eat high-glycemic carbs, your body produces lots of insulin. And when you eat low-glycemic carbs, it has much gentler effect on blood sugar.

When there are more carbs in the bloodstream than are necessary for fuel, your body tries to store them for future use in the form of a string of glucose molecules called glycogen.

Glycogen is deposited first in the muscles and liver. But there’s not much storage room in those cells, and the carbs that overflow this small storage capacity go immediately into body fat.

High insulin levels stimulate the release of the single-most powerful fat-storing hormone, lipoprotein lipase (LPL). This is the hormone that sets up your billions of fat cells to do two things that are detrimental to your health. First LPL tells those cells  to store more fat, starting immediately. Second, it helps protect that fat from being released or burned as fuel in future.

Under optimal conditions, your body was designed to produce about three-fourths of its daily energy primarily by burning stored body fat reserves, not sugar. But when insulin and LPL levels are high, they effectively block your body from using stored fat as the main fuel source.

Source Credit: This article is taken from Flip the Switch, Lose the Weight Book by Robert K. Cooper

In the next article in this series of “Education is the First Step towards Weight Loss”, we will share about the glucagon hormone.

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