If you are looking for the easy to follow, no-nonsense approach to weight loss, then keep reading this article on the top 5 weight loss tips – tips to lose weight faster!

Tip # 1 to Lose Weight Faster

Never skip your breakfast – take oatmeal or barley in your breakfast.

“Barley is the new oatmeal,” says Jackson Blatner.

Barley got its hunger-fighting reputation after Swedish researchers found that eating barley or rye kernels for breakfast kept blood sugar on an even keel. That’s because the carbs in barley and rye kernels are “low glycemic index,” meaning they raise blood sugar more slowly than some other carbohydrate foods. This helps you avoid a spike, and then a drop, in blood sugar, which can leave you feeling famished.

Read the original article at – webMD.com

The infographics done by MD Anderson Cancer Center says a lot about the importance of breakfast for all of us:

Tip # 2 to Lose Weight Faster

If you are sick and tired of dieting, stop doing it. Rather than dieting, you should focus on eating less every time you eat – eat less but more frequently. So when you are taking salad for your lunch, you should enhance your salad with a little bit of protein and some fat. If you can take beef or chicken, add few pieces of it in your salad to make it interesting.

Here is the best tip you can use it everyday – you should use smaller size plates or bowls for your food. Bigger the plate, you will eat more and smaller the plate, you will automatically eat less!

Tip # 3 to Lose Weight Faster

If you are following any type of fad diet program, please do yourself a favor and stop it right now. None of those fad diets are sustainable on a long term basis.

Eat healthy food every day with smaller servings!

You can also use 80/20 rule for keeping your daily diet fun. You can take 80% healthy food every day and balance 20% can be fun food. By doing this, you are not depriving yourself of some fun in your daily life and still eat healthy food every day.

Tip # 4 to Lose Weight Faster

If you have a regular exercise regime, make it interesting by bringing some diversity. Make some friends at your local gym and go with them regularly to support each other with your weight loss targets. If you go to gym because you want to lose weight, it becomes a task and soon it becomes a boring one. But if you go out there to hangout with your friends, soon you will start looking forward to go there regularly to do exercises as well as meet your friends.

Make your exercise part of your daily fun rather than a task!

Tip # 5 to Lose Weight Faster

If you are taking any type of weight loss supplements, learn more about various weight loss supplements options and then decide which one is right for you.

Summary of the Top 5 Weight Loss Tips !

We have provided here a very good resource on the top 5 weight loss tips and also tips on how to lose weight faster. For your easy reference, here are the top 5 weight loss tips:

  1. Take oatmeal or barley for your breakfast – don’t skip breakfasts!
  2. Eat less by cutting down your serving size but eat more frequently
  3. Say ‘No’ to fad diets – Eat healthy food with lots of fun food by using 80/20 rule – Healthy food with fun makes the difference.
  4. Bring a variety to your exercises – Make it fun
  5. Use good quality weight loss supplements to enhance your weight loss progress

Remember you can lose weight as long as you remain positive and keep following the top 5 weight loss tips shared here.

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